We are a film and media production company that comes from a varied background of small business ownership as well as extensive experience in the television and film industries.
From the idea phase, writing, development, acting, shooting and editing, we are a full service operation.

Michael G. Graziuso


Born in Brooklyn, Michael was always surrounded by the film culture. As a child, it was his family’s video store business that allowed him access to view a plethora of cinematic classics. When films were shooting in his neighborhood he would sneak on set. When he was caught, his smooth talking got him out of trouble. The crew usually took a liking to him, giving him small tasks and all the while he would observe the controlled chaos.

As he was developing his own style of film making his family moved to Staten Island and was no longer able to simply hop over to the family business and head to sets. This left a void in his heart.

It was not until he met his lifelong friend and business partner Michael Dellegrazie did he become inspired to execute what he had learned on set and reflect on his past teachings. Their shared passion for films resulted in the production of numerous shorts throughout high school.

Despite studying at Lee Strasberg Academy and New York Film Academy, breaking into and maintaining work within the industry was extremely difficult to achieve. They both had higher aspirations of producing and directing their own works, together.

He pursued the family business and contributed to its successful growth by obtaining relevant licenses and certifications, one of which required college credits. He chose to attend Full Sail University where he obtained his Bachelors Degree of Science in Film and graduated the Valedictorian of his class.

Around the same time he began school, Michael attended a wedding where he was discussing his classes with Dellegrazie. They reminisced about the days they wanted to be producers and make films for their own company. Dellegrazie said, “Funny, great timing Mike because I just wrote a script.”

A few weeks later they pitched the idea to Bivona who had experience in the television industry. Following an extensive conversation that evening, Gotham Trinity Productions was born.

Now, Michael is a producer and entrepreneur with several successful businesses. He’s fortunate to work everyday with his best friends and living his dream.

Wise wisdom from Master Yoda: “Do or Do Not, there is no try.”

Todd Bivona

Todd Bivona.jpeg

I graduated from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, concentrated in Sports Communication. I was involved in the sports, entertainment and news divisions at the campus television station (MCTV) for three years and it was THEN that I realized my true passion.

While at Marist I also took advantage of an internship at HBO Sports, working on set as a production assistant for "Inside The NFL," "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" and various boxing events. From there, I bounced around from gig to gig, network to network, as a jib technician, camera utility and eventually, on a consistent basis at MLB Network & NBC Sports as a stage manager. 

QVC is one of my original clients that I had a day with during Fashion Week in February.

ESPN’s “College Gameday” was a recent add this past fall, culminating in covering the Cotton Bowl and the College Football National Championship in California. This past year I also worked for FOX at the U.S. Open from Shinnecock Hills.

The 2018 Olympics in South Korea was my third Olympics on location with NBC Sports, in addition to working on "Football Night in America," the Premier League and other sports that fall under their coverage.  

“The Bill Cunningham Show”was one of the most entertaining gigs I ever worked (on the CW).

Immediately after college I worked for the Food Network on season one of “Next Iron Chef,” followed by being a sports reporter for “The Coast Star” in Manasquan, New Jersey, a weekly newspaper. Along the way, CBS, ABC, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, TLC, BRAVO, The Cooking Channel, Discovery and various corporate clients, web productions and even an infomercial for “Beach Body Fitness” cover my work history.

GTP is something I have thought about for years but never had the guts to do…until now. 

Michael Dellegrazie.jpg

Michael Dellegrazie

As a child, on Saturday afternoons, I would sit and watch "Abbott and Costello" movies with my father at our home on Staten Island. I was drawn to their brand of comedy and watching them sparked my desire to become an actor.

As an adult, I am still a big fan of those classic movies, but I have gained a new respect and understanding of them by studying the craft and working in professional television and film environments. I attended Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in 2000. I have also produced and starred in six short films as well as some other sketches. I have taken control of my dream and I am making it into my career.
  In the immortal words of Lou Costello,

"I saw what I saw when I saw it!"


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